Festival Up2You puts people in their power!

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It’s a festival where we emphasize the connection between people and the power within our consciousness, which is the underlying basis of everything that exists.

To know how your consciousness is interconnected, is to know how to attract what you want to create.
In this way we can really become the change we wish to see in the world!

It’s a festival where adults and kids can connect through workshops (yoga, tai chi, qiqong, shiatsu, meditation, etc.) and talk about subjects that concern our society.

Beside workshops and readings, we bring you new talents through live music.
We also offer jamsessions where you can join in!! So bring your instrument with you 😉
On a free stage you can show your talent through singing, bringing poetry, talk about a certain subject which concerns you, or talk about a project, anything you want… It’s your time!

It wouldn’t be a festival without a party, so we finish off with sweet electronic music 😉

We also care for the animals, so we offer only vegetarian food.

Let’s come together and motivate each other to make a difference within our society ♥ Time for action!!

More news about the date and the place will follow!