Jah On Galeru

Fire, music and dancing is his passion.

What he loves the most in the performance is to share joy, warmth and wonder with the public. For this he uses several fire instruments like Contact Staf, Dragonstaf, Contact Sword, Vulcane, Fireworks

For more than ten years he plays Contact Staf. This is a very new manipulation technique of a very ancient tool “The Staf”. Very few people allover the world control these new techniques.

He performed on several innovating festivals like Boom festival in Portugal, Nature Connection in Mallorca, played in Clubs and Party’s in Belgium, Gran Canaria, … Birthday party’s, weddings, …

Are you ready to be enchanted in the Fire of Transformation and Unification?
He can heat you up with a One Man Show and as well he can arrange bigger performances with other fireplayers and musicians. Also as freelance-artist, he loves to join other projects.

For more info and bookings you can always contact him.

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